Brush up on your driving skills

There is no set amount of hours needed for Refresher lessons; it's really down to how confident you are feeling in your own ability. No one will put any pressure on you to take further lessons if you don't feel they are necessary but the instructor will be there to give you his professional opinion on the level of your driving. Areas of training can include, but not limited to, maneuvers, motorway driving, night driving, eco driving and much more.

There are many circumstances in which people return to driving but aren't fully confident of their abilities and refresher courses are of great benefit. All Refresher lessons are designed to suit your needs. During the first lesson our instructor will first take you for an assessment lesson to appraise your ability and knowledge gaps, after which you can then both decide the training plan that bests suits you.

Refresher driving lessons are ideal for people who want to improve their driving skills to drive safely and with confidence. Refresher courses are ideal if you have passed your test but still feel you need to brush up on your skills after a period of absence. It's also a good way to gain confidence back if you've passed but had a scare on your own and have been put off driving because of it.