An Intensive Driving Course can be the solution to getting through your driving test quickly and avoiding some of the difficulties that standard driving lessons may have. Intensive Driving Courses are especially useful to people with very little spare time in their normal schedule to fit in driving lessons. For those with limited time to learn to drive, to take a week off work, do an Intensive Driving Course and take your Driving Test can be the best solution.

Some schools offer Intensive Driving Courses that are either not as Intensive as you are originally told or are poorly planned. It is bad practice to offer set length courses without any assessment of your driving! How will you know what length of course you will need by just speaking to you on the telephone? Pupils should never be prompted to start their course without a confirmed driving test booking. To plan on a test appointment becoming available on a prediction that someone else may cancel their test is not advisable; you might complete your course and not be able to take a test.

Our Intensive Driving Courses are different

Before we arrange your Intensive Driving Course we will first assess your driving, both to ascertain your current ability, and also to assess how quickly you learn. If required, you will be given instruction on how to prepare for and pass your theory test immediately after your assessment is complete.

Based on this assessment we will advise you of the length of Intensive Driving Course you will need, and book your theory test appointment if required. Once you have passed your theory test we will then plan your course with you and book your driving test

How Long Will It Take?

The length of your Intensive Driving Course will depend on your assessment lesson. How soon you take your Driving Test will be will depend on whether you have passed the Theory Test and waiting times for Tests. The average theory test waiting time is 3 weeks and the Average driving test waiting time is 6 weeks. Waiting lists vary continuously so this is only a guide, but we will always try to arrange a course within the time scale that you want.

Your training will take place on consecutive days, excluding Saturdays & Sundays. Each day will consist of 6 hours. Breaks for tea, coffee, or lunch etc. can be taken as required. The final day will be training in the morning with the Driving Test in the afternoon.

Planning Your Intensive course?

Step 1

Apply for a Provisional Driving Licence

Start studying for the Theory Test

Step 2

Receive Provisional Driving Licence

Book Theory test appointment

Book Practical Assessment Lesson

Step 3

Keep studying for the Theory Test

We will assess your driving, and advise you of the length of Intensive Driving Course required

Step 4

Keep studying for the Theory Test

Step 5

Pass the Theory Test

Book your Practical Driving Test Appointment and arrange your Intensive Driving Course to culminate with your practical driving test.

Step 6

Pass Practical Driving Test

Please note:

All Courses are structured on 6 hours training each day with Your Driving Test arranged for the afternoon of the final day. The duration of your intensive course will decided during your practical assessment lesson.

The alternatives to an Intensive Driving Course are to take regular Driving Lessons or a Semi Intensive Driving Course.